Your Profile Page and its Configuration

Your profile page is your window to the rest of the Launchyoo universe. The information you include is helpful for others, inside and outside of the platform, to better know who you are, with whom they interact, to be able to form an opinion about you and to be able to find you. Among all its data, only the nickname is always visible and must be entered during the registration process to the application.

We have looked for a fresh aesthetics for the profile page, and it will be you to complete it and give it the final touches, building it to your desires. It’s yours!

The information that can be entered is the following:

Nickname. It is the name by which you identify yourself in Launchyoo. No other user can share it and it will not be possible for you to continue with the registration process if the nickname you indicate is already in use by another user. It is not possible, at the moment, to change your nickname after registration. However, for special needs please contact us at and we will assist you.

Real name. You can enter it if you wish, to make it easier for other users to find you in the application. User-type profiles can choose who will be able to see it (everyone, friends of friends, friends, nobody).

Profile photo. Your presentation photo, which will be seen by all Launchyoo users.

Background picture. Accompanying your profile photo on your personal page.

Página de perfil

Birthdate. Upcoming features, such as active socialization or the indication of the birthday of the contacts, will require you to indicate it in order to properly function. It is not mandatory information.

Chatyoo. On the left side of the profile photo of any of your contacts (Friends, Followers or Following) you will find the icon that gives access to direct and private conversation with that profile. This icon does not appear on your own page or on that of profiles that are not contacts.

Gender. Indication of your gender. Again, some future features will require you to indicate this in order to function properly. It is not and will not be mandatory information in any case.

Indicación del sexo

Your presentation. Below your profile photo you have the possibility to write a text with no length limit, to introduce yourself to the world. We call it “About me“. Write whatever you want! It is your moment.

Links to websites. You can enter up to four URLs to direct anyone who visits your profile page, with a single click, to your website, your project or company page, your profiles on other social networks… whatever you want.

About me 2

Furthermore, the profile page displays the number of your contacts, with no possibility to access them though (you will do so through the contacts page icon). They will be your “Friends” and “Following” if you are a User, or your “Followers” if you are an Influencer, Business or Association. “Following” number is not displayed for this profile types.

Contacts User

Your posts in chronological order, your Feed, is also visible. It is accessible by any user who visits your profile page.

The Feed

And at the bottom part, the last thing to be displayed is your Album. The collection of your best moments, favourite places, photos, best products if you are a company, services if you are a company or professional… They are a collection of multimedia files (photos, videos or audios) that you want to place, in a visible and permanent way, on your profile page.

Album 2

From your profile page you can add content to the Album belonging to your already shared publications, through the ‘+’ icon positioned on the top right side.

Superior Album

You can watch an explanatory video about the profile page. Click HERE.

And you’ve got everything at glance here:

Profile scheme