Your Privacy

On Launchyoo, this matter is quite straightforward. Direct. There are not dozens of privacy options that act on as many settings, with which it is decided who will see what, the data that the application will use to define the tastes of the users through the Artificial Intelligence at operation, the characteristics of the personal profile that serve to receive the most suitable advertisements based on the profiling that has been made of us, and many other things over which we do not even have control.

First of all, and what makes us different from other social networks is that, at Launchyoo, respect for users and their data is paramount. This means they are not for sale, they will remain on the platform for as long as you desire. Guarantees? Well, apart from our legal documents, available to anyone (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy), whose terms we have built and which we strictly abide by moral and legal obligation, think of it this way: what would be the point of a new social network, born to be the alternative to the large networks, with ethics and sustainability as strong points, if it were to be discovered that it does not have either of those? What would then be its differential factor?

Launchyoo and all the effort behind it have been born from transparency and respect for the user as the center of the entire project, with the user experience and the serenity of navigation as focal points of the sustainability of which we are guarantors. And to all this we have added new functionalities and new ways of enjoying digital socialization.

When it comes to what you share on the platform, it is entirely up to you. Launchyoo is an open space by definition, and what you share can in principle be visible to everyone. It is, therefore, your choice to share it or not, with whom, through your actions.

  • Real name, age, gender, “About me”, files in your Album, all belonging to your profile page, are visible by anyone who visits it. You can decide not to indicate some or all of them.
  • Real name. It is the only item on the profile page that can be indicated and, afterwards, decided who will be able to see it, in the application Menu. The options are: everyone – friends – friends of friends – nobody.
  • Posts that you share (with text, images, photos, videos and/or audio files). It is up to you to choose if you want to share them on the Walls, potentially open to be view by any user (although the hashtags you indicate, your contacts and their temperature, as well as the post language, will naturally tend to narrow it to your environment) or on a Group to which you belong. In the latter, if the group is Public, it is accessible by any user. If it is Private or Secret, only those to whom the administrator has granted access will be able to see the content inside and in turn, publish themselves.

If you are aware that someone has violated your privacy, for example by publishing photographs of you without your consent, the first step should always be that you contact that person and try to resolve the situation. But if this is not possible or is ineffective, please report the incident to us through the flagging option of a post, or by contacting us via email We are here to help you, with a humane treatment that distinguishes us from the impersonality of the large social networks.