Your Pics, Videos and Audio Files

In Launchyoo you can share your pictures, videos and audio files with the community or with the members of a group to which you belong. Your family and friends, or the entire community, are just one click away! Moreover, since here you are the algorithm, and this is felt by way you choose what you want to see and from whom, and by a more serene navigation, the relationships between launchers are more genuine.

You can share any text message, short or long as you want, photos, videos and audio files through the window to create and share a post. The image below corresponds to the menu of the Desktop version for computer. For more information on creating and sharing posts tap HERE.

Tus fotos, vídeos y audio. Desktop creación de un post

With regard to videos, when you select the type of file you want to add to your publication, you can choose between content already present on your phone or computer, or to create it on the spot.

If you choose to share a picture, in addition to what just said above you can select GIFs by GHIPY®. You can add one GIF to a post, and it will be displayed always first, above the rest of the content.

Image picker

The audio files, created with any recording tool, will be selected and incorporated into your publication.

Remember to accompany your posts with hashtags to give them more relevance! At Launchyoo it’s super important because of the Personal Tags.

The content you have shared will be visible wherever you have sent it to, on the Walls and therefore potentially visible to everyone, or in a Group. Arranging posts in chronological order is a hallmark of Launchyoo, and it means that what you’ve shared will be most relevant shortly after you’ve shared it. If the rest of the users will Re-Post it, your publication will gain relevance again. It will be the users themselves who will extend the life of what is shared, if they think it is worth doing so, and not an AI algorithm.

The content you have shared, as long as you did so on the Walls and NOT in a Group, will be visible to anyone who visits your profile page, through your Feed.

As we’ve said, what you share will naturally lose relevance over time. But if there is a photo, video or audio file that is particularly important to you, you can make it permanently visible on your profile page, in particular in your Album. It is your public collection of your best moments, of what you want to be clearly visible on your profile for a thousand possible reasons and that will remain there until you decide to delete it.

In a publication you can include up to 4 images, a video and an audio. Very importantly: depending on what you share, your post will go to one wall or another. Walls allow the creation of ecosystems of launchers that are interested in a particular type of content, so it is important that you be clear about where your publication will go. The share button itself tells you, displaying the icon corresponding to the target wall. Sure, then you have the MIX wall, which mixes all types of content. So how does it work?

  • If you share a post without attachments, only text, up to 250 characters, you will be sharing MINIMEs (mini messages) on this wall.
  • If you share a single image alongside text of up to 250 characters, it will go to the PICS wall.
  • If you share a video along with a text of up to 250 characters and, if you want, an image (as a cover), it will go to the VIDEO wall.
  • If you share an audio file and, if you want, an image (as a cover), along with a text that can be of any length, it will go to the AUDIO&PODCASTS wall.
  • Finally, if you share:
    • A text longer than 250 characters, without attached content.
    • A video or a photo with a text longer than 250 characters.
    • More than one attached file (photo, video or audio), with the exception of an audio file and a photo, or a video and a photo (the photo serves as cover). In Launchyoo it is possible to share audio, video and image files in the same post, with a limit of a single video and a single audio, and four files total.
    • An audio file or a video along with more than one photo.

In all these cases, the publication will go to the BLOG&NEWS wall. As we said, the ‘POST’ button indicates the wall to which it will go.

Here you have a chart that might help you better understand, should you need it:

Separate walls of content

Independently to the above’s explanations, your shared post will always go to the MIX wall as well.

GIFS and link previews do not influence the logic behind Wall destination. For example, if you post a short text of less than 25o characters, with a GIF as well, it will still go to MiniMes.

So, you see, there is so potential inside Launchyoo, so many options for you to share what you want with who you want, where and the way you want.