We love audio and we dedicate a Wall to it

Separate Walls will allow you to enjoy the content you like the most, whenever you want. A special place is occupied by the AUDIO&PODCASTS Wall. Launchyoo is the first “generic” social network (which allows you to share any type of content, without focusing on a specific one) with a space dedicated to audio, which in today’s large social networks is often hidden behind videos and images. Here podcasters and broadcasters can flourish, combining the advantages of podcasting platforms and the possibilities of interaction and growth of Social Networks.

The Audio&Podcast Wall presents specific functionalities for the use and enjoyment of audio lovers.

To begin with, anyone who publishes an audio file can incorporate an image, which will act as the cover. Unlike other Walls, which limit the number of characters in the text, here you can write as much as you want, to make yourself known and give context to your voice or your music.

When starting an audio, the dedicated Player docks at the bottom of the screen and allows you to continue browsing the application while listening. It is possible to reduce it to a small progress icon, so that it does not disturb.

Muro Audio

Accessing a post, by tapping on the area just below the nickname of the person who published it gives access, through an icon in the upper right corner, to the list of the last six audios that the profile has published, in chronological order. The text that is displayed corresponds to the first line of text in the publication. It is therefore suggested that the title always be written on it.

Lista podcasts

Some Launchyoo functionalities that improve the reach of audio disseminators (and not only), beyond the Audio&Podcasts Wall:

  • The Album and Feed, on the profile page, are the best possible “store” of content. In the Feed you will find all the publications in chronological order. Photos, videos or audio files are voluntarily sent to the Album upon publication, for them to be a permanent part of the profile itself, which can be consulted by all launchers. A podcaster should send all of his or her audio files to the Album. When a user opens the file, they will access the publication.
  • As an “open” social network, Launchyoo allows unregistered people to see and listen to the content of the posts, with some limitations for privacy reasons. In addition, applying SEO and using external links within Launchyoo and sharing the links of the publications (or the profile) outside, improves web relevance and search engine indexing. The platform has been designed for that purpose and that makes us unique.
  • Advanced Interaction, Re-Posts, One-Click Off-Platform Sharing, Walls, Groups, Chatyoo (the private chat) … Launchyoo offers so many options to help you grow your digital footprint, if that’s what you want.

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