The Types of Profiles in Launchyoo

Various types of profiles coexist in this social network, each with its own characteristics. It is a unique feature which has not been developed by other networks. We want to cover the entire ecosystem of possible users, with your different needs and wishes. Currently available profiles are four:

  • User. It is the type of profile for those who use social networks to keep in touch with friends and family, follow people or brands of their interest, read news or simply have fun with videos, audios or photos. It is also the right choice if you are a blogger or podcaster.
  • Influencer. For those who seek to entertain their followers, keep them abreast of their life, their activities and their tastes, for those who want to expand their digital footprint and the number of people who follow them.
  • Business. For companies (large or small), stores or professionals who want to maintain a stable position on Launchyoo and take advantage of it, mainly for B2B, B2C, networking and to promote actions, products or services.
  • Association. Designed for non-profit organizations or those that carry out social, educational, cultural, divulgation, information, leisure and/or equivalent activities, and want to let them be known.

You will select your profile type during the registration process, through a carousel-type menu.

Carrusel perfiles

All profiles share most of the options and settings, but there are some important differences.

  • The Influencer, Business and Association type profiles can “Follow” other Influencer, Business and Association profiles, and be “Followed” by the aforementioned, in addition to the User type profile. Their growth in followers will be organic, boosted by the quality of posts. Eventually, growth can be supported by Ads.
  • The User-type profile can establish “Friendship” relationships with other User profiles, and “Follow” the rest. Click HERE to see more about the types of contacts depending on the profile.

Additionally, User profiles can modify the visibility of their real name with four possible settings:

– Everybody

– Friends of friends.

– Friends.

– Nobody (just me).

This is not possible for Influencer, Business and Association type profiles, which will always be public, with their information visible to the rest of the Launchyoo universe.

Your profile type (like anyone’s) is visible to the rest of the launchers through your profile page:

Profile type indication

And at the top of your publications, next to your real name (if indicated and visible), once the publication is opened individually (click on the area just to the right of the nickname, on the publication present on a wall or in a group).

Tipo de perfil en la publicación