The Separate walls

Launchyoo displays the publications in separate walls, allowing easier navigation, focused on your tastes and desires. It is a great innovation in the world of social networks! Thus, the available walls are:

  • Pics. It is the wall of images. Only one image and accompanied by a short text (maximum 250 characters). Because a picture is worth a thousand words. Or that’s what they say.
  • Videos. It is the wall of audiovisual content, one video accompanied by a short text (maximum 250 characters) and a cover image. Only one video per post.
  • MiniMes. It is the wall of short messages with no attached content. The limit is 250 characters. This wall is ideal for you to express ideas or emotions at the moment.
  • Audio&Podcasts. It is the wall for audio files, music, voice recordings, podcasts, one per post, which can be accompanied by text of any length and a cover image. For the first time, podcasters and those who share, love and divulge through audio will have an exclusive space on a social network.
  • Blog&News. It is the wall of publications with long text and/or with more than one attached file (except Audio&Podcast and Video walls, which accept a file and a picture that serves as cover image). It is the maximum expression of complexity and richness of pubblications, it can incorporate up to four files, contemporarily photos, a video, an audio file and, like in the rest of Walls, a GIF and a link preview.
  • MIX. It is the main wall, Launchyoo’s home page. It presents all publications in a mixed way: a Pic post, then a Video, then Blog&News, another Pic…
  • Events. It is the wall of events, which will allow you to view them in a simple way: generic view, by area, organized in a calendar, with the possibility to purchase tickets, etc. This wall is currently under development.

In Your Pics, Videos and Audio Files you can find a chart that describes in detail the target Wall of a post depending on its content.

The walls selection menu is available through an icon in the upper left corner (mobile APP version), or in the left lateral area of ​​the screen, always visible (in the Web version).

Separate Walls

On the MIX wall, each post shows, on the top right area, the wall to which it belongs. By clicking on this icon you will go to the wall in question, as an alternative to the abovementioned lateral Menu.


Wall Icon

The MIX Wall is “home”, it is the default Wall. You can access it by tapping at the icon in the lower left side of the screen, in the APP’s footer, whereas the rest of the Walls are accessible through the selection Menu.

You can see an explanatory video about the Walls. Click HERE.

And you can tour the Walls: