The Album

Each user has his or her own Personal Album, a collection of their photos, videos and audio files that they have chosen to be a permanent part of their profile and visible to others.

We travel in the opposite direction and we are proud of it: the trend now on social networks rolls toward expiring content, which disappears after a while. This makes sense as a “new” aspect in those networks where the main content, the feed, is shown based on an algorithm that assigns priorities, so that what is seen is no longer linked to when it was published but to the importance that the AI algorithms assign to it in relation to your tastes (personality profile). But on Launchyoo, content is displayed in strictly chronological order, with Re-Posts as the main tool that can bring interesting posts back to life, when the Launchers decide. Therefore, the natural tendency of any photo, audio or video is to disappear from the radar over time (although it will always be recoverable on the walls or in the Feed of the person who published it). Thus, our Personal Album is a space where you can post the content you want to be permanent, always visible on your profile page.

The Album can be a collection of your best moments, of your company’s products, of places where you have been, and an infinite etcetera. You can find it at the bottom of your profile page or that of any Launcher, below the Feed.

There are two ways of adding a photo, video or audio to your Personal Album:

  • Check the box associated with this function when publishing a new post. If you decide not to go for it, the file will only be associated with the post in which you have published it, and as we have already said, over time it will lose visibility, as new publications fill the Walls and the Groups, from you and from other users.
  • Add content present in publications that you have already shared through the ‘+‘ icon that you will find at the top of the Album, on the right side.

Superior Album

You can delete a file from your Album at any time.

Your Album will always be visible to the rest of the users who visit your profile and it can tell a lot about who you are and what you like.


When tapping at any of the contents within the Album, the post that contains that photo, video or audio will open. This way, the text in the post can give a context. For instance, if you share a nice picture and it’s in your Album, the post could contain an explanation on where it was shot. If it is one of your products you’re placing, the post can talk all about it.

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