Reporting an Inappropriate Post (Flag)

The new social network does not use algorithms that preliminarily eliminate content, without the action of people. It is you, the users, who tells us, with your own criteria, if the post shared by another user is inappropriate for any reason. From Launchyoo we will analyse each notification and act from a criterion of freedom and sensitivity. We will not apply censorship but some shared rules and thresholds need to be respected, and we reserve the right to remove posts from the Walls or from Groups that we consider inappropriate. We will proceed to contact users who repeat posting inappropriate content, in order to allow their alignment with respect to the limits of what can be shared. Informing, always.

The option to indicate a publication as inappropriate is available as “Flag a publication“, after clicking on the icon […] at the bottom right corner of each post. It is possible to indicate:

  • Copyright violation. If you know that the person who has shared content on the social network does not have the rights to disseminate it, let us know through this indication.
  • Violent content. Violent cinematographic content (filmed scenes) is allowed, but we will put a limit on the level of actual violence suffered by real people. This social network is not the right scenario for sharing extreme violence.
  • False News. We take False News or “Fake News” very seriously. With this indication you make us notice that someone has published a news that is not in accordance with reality, in a premeditated way. The parodies, jokes, gags or fictional stories based on reality cannot be considered Fake News.
  • Bullying. Psychological or physical bothering, by individuals or groups, to people who, due to their lower number or other particularities, may be considered weak, regardless of age, race, religion or sex, are considered Bullying. We are particularly sensitive to this type of violence and will be careful that its dissemination does not become an object of mockery. Obviously, the cases of chronicle or news that, as unpleasant as they might be, are part of the events, and whose dissemination avoids making an apology for the act, will be accepted.
  • Explicit sexual content. We do not apply indiscriminate censorship, we appreciate art, aesthetics and the human body to an immensely greater extent than the rest of social networks. This said, it is necessary to establish limits when there are many of us who share the same space. At Launchyoo we do not accept images, videos or audio files that contain explicit sex, nor the display of the genital organs before the camera. But we are delighted to welcome artists who play with the lights and shadows, the colours, of any landscape as well as their own body, so that they can find here the space in which to share their art.
  • Generic flag. This option can be used when you consider that a publication is not suitable and should be removed from the Walls, while the reason does not coincide with any of the typologies described above. Please accompany it with an explanatory text so that we can act with knowledge of the facts.

In any of the abovementioned cases, you can write a text describing us, with all the detail you consider necessary, the reasons why you think the post should be deleted. You will help us to act. Obviously, your indication is absolutely anonymous.

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