Reporting a Privacy Violation

If another user has shared information in a post, through the content of the text or attached photos, video or audio, that violates your privacy, that of a relative of yours (particular emphasis always placed on minors), or that of a person who due to disability, illness, being hospitalized or limited, cannot defend him or herself, or if in general you observe a publication that supposes a flagrant violation of the intimacy and privacy of another person, we strongly suggest that you contact us.

Special case refers to that of minors. If a parent or legal guardian asks us to remove any content featuring their child, under the age of 13, we will do so without delay. If the minor is between 13 and 17 years old, the minor him or herself will have to send us the request to delete the content, unless he or she presents a physical or mental disability. We therefore encourage you to discuss it with them.

We point out, in any case, that for reasons of potential visible content on the platform, the Launchyoo registration process requires confirmation of being 16 years old or more.

To contact us you do not need to fill in any report or to go to other links. You can inform us from within the platform itself. Simply, access the function Flag a post present in all posts, accessible with the icon […] (three horizontal dots) at the bottom right corner.

You will access the menu where you can select one of the available options and write a comment, as long as necessary, indicating what the problem is. The more specific you are, the easier you will make it for us to make a decision about it.

Flag of a post

In addition, you can contact us from outside the platform, through the email From there, we are at your disposal for whatever you need.