Re-Post of a Post

You can share, with all the members of the network, any post of another Launcher that seems relevant to you. We call it Re-Post or “Re-Launch”. To do this, you just have to click on the post’s Menu icon (three horizontal dots, to the right low corner of the post), which will allow you to select the desired option.

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You can write a text that will accompany your Re-Post. The “re-posted” post will go to the MIX Wall, either you did it from any of the Walls or from a Group.

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One important thing: any interaction in the form of Like/Love, Yes/No or Stars rating (whatever the chosen option by whoever originally shared the publication was) will be added to those present in the original post. At Launchyoo we believe that it is who originally published the content that could become relevant, the one that deserves to receive people’s feedback, good or bad. Moreover, we display how many times the post has been re-posted. It is also important to add that this social network counts and displays the number of user interactions with any publication: number of Likes, Loves, Yes or No, and Stars.

The re-posts you have made appear in your personal Feed (in your profile) when selecting “See All”, and remember, are only visible in the MIX Wall. More information about the Launchyoo walls is available HERE.

Re-Posts are the perfect way to give life again to posts that are particularly interesting, as they will go back on top of the walls of those who will see them. On a social network which displays information in a chronological order and that does not make use of AI algorithms to decide priorities on what you see, re-posts are one of the best ways of keeping relevant information alive. Because on Launchyoo, it’s you who decide.