Protecting our Community

Launchyoo is a platform for people who want to share, communicate and enjoy social networks in a different, more serene way. There is space for everyone here, as long as consideration is shown towards the rest of the users and the rules of coexistence set in place, based on mutual respect and freedom of expression.

We will never take part in disputes, we will never bias the information and we will never show our personal opinion in any aspect under discussion, but we will take the necessary actions to protect the community and all the people who coexist in it. First of all, illicit actions cannot be allowed, and will be reported to the competent authorities as soon as they are known to occur. In addition, inappropriate content, which may damage the general sensitivity, will be removed and the user who published it will be informed. You can consult the section “Flag a publication as inappropriate” to learn more about how to indicate that a post is indeed inappropriate. We therefore reserve the right to remove content, an advertisement or, ultimately, to block a profile, if it is repetitive in actions that may harm the community. When doing so, we will communicate beforehand. Before taking actions we talk, explain, discuss, not like the bots on other social networks. We are humans and for humans.

There are many specific cases that cannot have space in Launchyoo. We will treat each case separately, with objective and reasonable criteria. We only ask that, together, we try to make this social network a place of interaction from a positive attitude. Launchyoo was born to improve the present and future of social networks, and we hope that this is also reflected in how we all make use of it.

Thanks for being a #Launcher.