Personal Tags

They are one of the important functions, along with the Contacts Temperature, that allow you to regain control of what you see and take it away, thus, from the Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Launchyoo is based, amongst others, on the personal tags that each user has built around them in order to display information. These are those words or phrases that define, to a greater extent, your tastes and interests. They define what we call your “sphere of tastes”. You can enter new tags and delete those present at any time as your tastes and focus change, in any language, in the “Personal Tags” menu, in the Settings section.

Personal Tags

Through the personal tags, your contacts (friends and followers/following), their temperature and the languages ​​you speak, Launchyoo will show you the publications on your different walls, in chronological order. We want to give you, as a user, a differential value: that you see things that really interest you, and not those that are polarized and filtered by algorithms and that are monotonous, always displaying you the same things and from the same people, and you can’t really do anything about it.

We took great deal of trouble to substitute the IA with something completely new, unseen, and that puts you in the center and gives you control of what you see. We hope you’ll feel this difference. Fresh air.

You can watch a short explanatory video about personal tags. Click HERE.