Legal Removal Request

If you find content on Launchyoo that you believe violates your personal rights or the laws in force in your geographic area, region or country, it is highly likely that it violates Our Community Rules. For example, apology for violence or terrorism, bullying, harassment, explicit sexual content, violation of privacy and individual rights, are things that cannot be consented within the new social network.

We provide you with the option to Flag a publication (click HERE to learn more) so that you can send us information about any inappropriate content. The icon from which you access it, […] three horizontal dots, is available at the bottom right corner of each post.

Flag of a post

If the motivation for your complaint is the violation of your own rights, we ask you to clearly indicate this in the space dedicated to additional comments. Our content management staff will verify it as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that we use fair and equitable criteria, our philosophy is open and we promote respect between users, between people. That being said, the fact that you indicate us a post with content that you think is inappropriate does not guarantee that we will remove it.

Obviously, in case you are requesting to eliminate your own data (though you can find the tools to eliminate any post or information present in your profile page yourself), we will proceed on the double.