Launchyoo. A Vision of Future

Launchyoo is FUNCTIONALITIES and it is AURA.

It is a new small social network, aware of entering into a saturated market and with a few mammoth companies that overshadow everything. It is, on the lips of many, a crazy idea. And of course it is being, as we anticipated, extremely difficult to reach big audiences. But that pushes us to try harder, because the stakes are high.

The new FUNCTIONALITIES that we bring to the playing field are many, various and very interesting. The separate walls, the personal tags, the contacts temperature, the advanced interaction, the three types of groups, the four different profiles, and soon the active socialization and the events, are a big, big deal considering how little huge social networks have advanced in recent years.

But all these are nothing but the necessary “dressing” so that a person, when arriving at Launchyoo, will stay. And although the functionalities are part of our call effect, they are not the most important aspect of it.

It is the AURA. It is our vision of the future. And that this vision becomes part of the way of living the lives for many people, depends not only the future of Launchyoo.

The embryo that gave birth to this social network was the intention to combat a way of doing business that must be overcome. The global footprint left by the companies that provide services to us should be part of the reasons why we choose their products.

And what about today’s large social networks? That are filled with sales scandals and data leaks, that reside in tax havens to save themselves from returning anything to society after everything they get from it (from us!), that use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to choose the information that reaches the us with purely economic motivations, that promote addiction in pursuit of profit maximization, that automatically and indiscriminately censor content, that drown us with advertisements, that see users not as customers, but as cows to be milked… The real question we need to start answering is: what kind of future awaits us if all companies would operate in the same way?

The next question is, then, why do we continue using their services en masse? Probably due to a mixture of indifference to problems that do not seem to touch us closely, interests linked to everything we have and have achieved so far, and to the lack of a valid alternative. They are reasonable and natural motivations, nothing to say about that.

But finally, the alternative has arrived, technically up to the task (we are working hard on that!), With very interesting new functionalities, a vision for the future, with an aura that is based on ethics, transparency and sustainability, NOT doing every one of the things that today’s large social network companies do. And it’s called Launchyoo. Have you taken note? 🙂

From here, it is up to each of us to make our own decisions. Our desire is that, from now on, people look at the aura of companies and the products we consume as a fundamental part of the decisions we make. And if so, Launchyoo has a good future ahead of it and will ensure, through the footprint it may leave, that the future ahead is positive.

Launchyoo. Una visión de futuro. Nuestro logo

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