Intellectual Property

Ownership over the rights of exploitation and use by the creator or creators of content is a fundamental right, protected by law. At Launchyoo we take it very seriously and will act against any action that violates it. Intellectual property rights include copyright and trademark rights.

To publish or insert content on Launchyoo, you must hold the legitimate ownership of all the exploitation rights which allow their reproduction, distribution, public communication – even in the modalities of rendering it available – and transformation, by any electronic and digital means.

In addition, even if you are the legitimate owner of the exploitation rights over the content that you publish or share on Launchyoo, you must obtain the corresponding authorizations or permissions from the individuals that appear in such publications, in relation to their image rights, so as not to generate illegitimate interference in honour, in personal and family privacy and in the image itself, and to avoid violation of their rights in terms of data protection.


Everything said above is valid and effective for any social network and, in general, for any data exchange platform.

You can warn us of an infringement of any of these terms by letting us know the publication that has committed it (Flag of a publication), by writing us a message through the Help and Support option in the application menu, or by writing an email to