I’m a Business and I Want to Advertise on Launchyoo

The possibility of advertising on Launchyoo exists for all users, in fact this is the only necessary requirement: to have a profile in the application. The Launchyoo Advertising Terms and Conditions describe all the conditions to be able to advertise with us. From a content point of view, it must be an advertisement of a professional nature: we do not accept the creation of advertisements to, for example, congratulate a friend’s birthday or any other personal motivation. Therefore, they are reserved spaces to give visibility to a product or a service, offered by a company or a professional. A special type of consented Ads are those that seek to give higher visibility to a profile on the platform, as long as it is of the “Influencer“, “Business” or “Association” type.

Launchyoo proposes two types of campaigns, CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per 1000 Views), with variable unit costs depending on the total budget and with different priorities available. To know all the information, we invite you to visit the ADS website on Launchyoo. We offer the possibility of exploring a new, growing market, inherently respectful of the very rules on which it is founded, and at truly competitive costs.

Promo ADS English

The publication of an Ad on Launchyoo is done by the platform’s advertiser support. For this, we will need an image, video or audio file, with certain characteristics:

  • The image file must have a minimum side resolution of 1200 pixels.
  • The video or audio file must be less than 60 seconds long.

In addition, we will need you to provide us with the nickname of the profile, which we will verify, a short text that accompanies the Ad, of a maximum of 150 characters, and a URL to which to redirect the public. With all this information, which is to be sent to and the confirmation of payment from our e-commerce platform accessible from the same ADS website, with a security and trust seal (Stripe and PayPal), we will proceed to publish the Ad, which will be present until the budget is exhausted based on the type of campaign and priority.

Age, gender and geography biases are possible. Send us this information along with what is indicated above.

The Ad will appear as if it were any other post, with the only difference associated with the fact that the text “ADVERTISING” will accompany the advertiser’s profile photo and nickname.

We want to distinguish ourselves by the treatment given to our clients, human and personal. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Finally, keep in mind the nature of this social network, ethical, transparent, responsible, when identifying ourselves as a potential platform for the expansion of your product. Furthermore, remember the minimum age of 16 years old. For all these reasons, regarding certain types of Ads and certain types of content, we reserve the right to reject them without any final charge, if we identify the problem before the launch of the campaign. Again, you have all the information in the Advertising Terms and Conditions on the platform.

Although it is advisable that a BUSINESS type profile has been created on the platform (click HERE to find out more about this profile), in which to support the advertising campaigns, this is not essential. Any type of profile can have an Ad campaign associated with it. The only necessity, as we have already said, is that the advertiser must have a profile created on Launchyoo, and the advertisement must be professional in nature.