How Can I Reset My Password?

It is possible to modify or reset your password from the Login page of the application, through the option “Forgot password?“.


Login EN real

Click there to access the menu for resetting or modifying your password. You will be asked to indicate the registration email. Once this is provided, click on Authentication code.

Auth code

You will then receive an email to proceed with the change. Click on RESET PASSWORD. In the email you will also find the reset code, a very long alphanumeric code.

Código reset contraseña

When you have clicked on RESET PASSWORD, you will be automatically sent to Launchyoo’s password update page.

You will find your registration email, the automatically compiled alphanumeric code and the space for you to type your new password twice. You do not therefore need to remember the old password. After entering the new password twice, click ACTIVATE to update it. It will take immediate effect.

Escribir nueva contraseña

Alternatively, when you clicked on Authentication Code right after entering your email, you will be able to manually paste the alphanumeric code, should you have already received it, and then enter the new password twice. To go ahead this way, make sure you have activated the “I already have an authentication code” tag.

I have auth code