How Can I Invite Friends?

The first and best way to invite friends is… through word of mouth! We are proud to think that our Launchers talk about the application to other people who, curious, will sign up. This is how we grow!

In addition, within the application Menu you can find the option Invite your friends. Its colour is unmistakable, you will see it right away. It allows you to send an email to whoever you want from within the platform, writing the subject and the message. The person you send it to will receive your email with the direct link to the Android and iOs Stores, so that they can download Launchyoo if they wish.

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There is yet another way that is surely more interesting, because it creates curiosity: sharing a post or a profile page outside the platform. Launchyoo is an “open” social network, so its content is visible to non-registered users, although with some limitations:

  • When a profile page is shared, an unregistered person does not see the real name, age, gender nor the Album (privacy of personal data as a priority). Moreover, they will see the posts present in the profile Feed but they cannot select “See All”.
  • When a post is shared, an unregistered person cannot interact with it: they cannot write a comment, Like/Love (or any other selected interaction), nor Re-Post.

When an unregistered person tries to perform an action that is not consented, Launchyoo invites them to register to go on.

With all this, a nice way to “launch the hook” to people you know can be to just share with them your own profile page or interesting publications. Click HERE to see how to do it. You find it in the final part of the article, when it comes to sharing outside of Launchyoo. Thus, if they like what they see, they might consider registering.

Compared to the big social networks we all know, we are still very small. We totally depend on you and your desire to make Launchyoo grow so that it really does.

And of course, we appreciate that you believe in us.