Groups on Launchyoo

Launchyoo offers you the possibility of creating and participating in Groups. These can be of any size, from small, for a group of work colleagues for example (even for two people only), to huge groups for massive events.

The creation of a group is simple, through the “Groups” menu, accessible from the Main Menu of the App.

Groups Access

There are three types available, and you must select the type of group during its creation:

  • Public. Visible to all users when searching for it, who can access and join it on their own initiative at any time.
  • Private. Visible to all users upon search. One will request access and will wait for it to be granted by the administrator.
  • Secret. Not visible to users, accessible only by invitation.

The administrator, creator of the group, indicates the name and a description. He or she will manage the requests of other users to come in in case of a Private or Secret group. It is not be possible to change the name of a group or its typology once it has been created.

The “Groups” menu, accessible through the icon in the lower left area of the screen (APP), upper right in the Desktop version of Launchyoo, displays the groups that have been created, the groups to which you belong, the groups to which you have submitted an application for membership and are awaiting approval, and the people who have requested to join a group that you created and are awaiting your acceptance as administrator.

Página de los grupos

It is possible to share publications only with the members of a group to which one belongs, through the option available in the page where posts are created and shared.

To post on a group you belong to, you have two options:

  • From any of the Walls of the application, by clicking on the lower central orange icon, you will access to the main page for creating a new post. Among the options available in the publication creation menu, the selection of the target audience can be seen. By default it is set to “Wall”, that is, an open message to the community. Pressing to change the option, a window will open and will display the list of groups to which you belong. You can therefore choose the target group.
  • The main page of a group displays, firstly, name and description, then the option to search for users to invite them, the number of users present and waiting for your approval if it is the case, and immediately below, an area through which one can access the page for creating a new post, which will have that group as the default target audience.