Data Policy

We ask you to carefully read our Privacy Policy. We make it clear there, with full transparency, what data we collect from users and for what purposes. But beyond this legal document, we want to make two concepts very clear:

  • From Launchyoo we will never, ever sell users’ data to third parties for profit or for any other purpose linked to our own advantage. We will not do it because it is not in our nature and because we are firm believers in a transparent and sustainable business model. It is OK that you might question our intention given the circumstances and how the large social networks have operated and do operate, but we work day after day to earn your trust.

We want to distance ourselves, in any case, from data theft. The theft of information from our database is a highly unlikely event, but not impossible. This event, if occurring, will be absolutely beyond our wishes and will be reported to the authorities immediately.

  • Advertisers on our platform will not have access to users’ data. When it comes to displaying Ads to a target audience, Launchyoo stands between the advertiser and the audience. That is, advertisers may eventually indicate a type of desired profile by demographic, age or other characteristics. Launchyoo will collect this request and will prepare the delivery of the advertisement on the platform in a manner consistent with these requirements, but without precise indications of any user data addressed to the advertiser.

Launchyoo will provide the advertiser with data about the progression and results of the advertising campaign, so that it can monitor its evolution and draw conclusions. It will be data of a purely statistical nature, without direct relationship with the individual data of the users.

Welcome to Launchyoo, the social network you deserve.