Creating and Sharing a Post

You can create a post and share it through the central icon at the bottom of the screen (APP version) or using the upper writing area (Desktop version). The post creation window allows you to:

  • Write the accompanying text. You can indicate hashtags (#), make references to other contacts (@) or groups (&). You can allso type or paste a link to a webpage, which will be previewed in the post.
  • Include multimedia files. Photos and/or video and/or audio files. the Photos Menu allows to select GIFs. One GIF per post.
  • With regard to photos, video and audio files, you can select the option to make them part of your Album. In this case, they will be permanently visible on your profile page. If this option is not selected, they will lose relevance in the walls over time, with the publication they are part of.
  • Choose the type of interaction with your post by other users: Like/Love, Yes/No or Star rating. This is what we call “advanced interaction“.
  • Choose the recipient. Here you can decide if the post you are about to share will be directed to a Group to which you belong or to all users (‘wall’).

post en

Launchyoo determines, based on the length of the text entered and the multimedia files that accompany it, what type of post it is and therefore which Wall it will go to, and will show it to you in the “Post” button with the corresponding icon: Pics, Videos, MiniMes, Audio&Podcasts or Blog&News (and in the near future, Events). Remember, regardless of this, it will always go to the MIX wall as well, which displays all content types.

You can see an explanatory video on how to share a post, click HERE.

Once you have shared the post you can, at any time and if you wish, modify its text. This will be possible by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of your publication, the three horizontal dots […] and then selecting “Edit Post“. A message will warn you of the fact that modifying it will result in the loss of interactions (Like/Love, etc) and comments received up to that moment. With this we avoid that the content of a post that has already received feedback from users can be radically changed.

Everything said above has to do with sharing within the platform. Now, it is possible to share posts outside, to any other application or web page.

To do so from the App version, you just need to tap on the sharing icon, placed in the top right corner of each post.


Once done, you will have access to the Menu that allows selection of the application you cant to share the post to, or to copy the URL in the clipoard.


In the Desktop version, simply click and copy the URL of the post, once inside it, after having clicked on the area under the nickname of the person who has published it, exactly as in the App version. The URL looks like this: for posts, or like this: for profiles (profile page sharing is also possible, same way as already described in case of posts, for both App and Desktop versions). Then, just paste the link wherever you want.

Google searches, SEO, use of backlinks… all this is possible on Launchyoo and can greatly increase web reach if managed properly. As a matter of fact, an unregistered person can visit a post or a profile page and see the content, with some limits linked to data privacy and without the possibility to interact.