Contacts Temperature

We at Launchyoo want to give you control of what you see and take it away from the Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which observe the use we make of the network and then decide for us what we will see. To do this, we have activated a series of simple-to-use mechanisms that have never been seen before. One of these is the contacts temperature.

On the contacts page (Friends/Following or Followers/Following, depending on your type of profile), the list of all of them is presented and, for each one, a horizontal bar allows you to indicate three temperatures: cold, warm and hot. Depending on the choice made for each user, you will see more or less of what he/she publishes, on your own walls.

  • Cold. For contacts you are lowly interested in, of which you do not mind seeing little or very little of what they publish.
  • Warm. It is the standard value for any new contact.
  • Hot. For those contacts that interest you particularly and of whom you want to know more about and see more on your walls. To avoid trivializing this option, the limit of contacts that can be selected as hot is 50, separately for “Friends” and for “Following/Followers”. Attempting to exceed this number will display a warning.

Temperatura de los contactos

You can watch an explanatory video. Click HERE.