Can I add GIFs to my posts?

Yes!. It is possible to add them, one per publication. In addition, they do not influence the calculation of which Wall your post will go to (more about Walls HERE). For example, if you write a short text to be published in MINIMES, if you include a GIF it will still go there.

To add a GIF to the post you are creating, select the icon to attach an image. In the drop-down menu that appears you will find the option “GIPHY“. Tap on it and you will directly access the GIF selection screen, where you can write words that help you find what you are looking for.

Add GIFs

The loaded GIF appears, miniaturized, in the right side of the attached files area.

GIF adjunto

GIFs appear first in publications, above any other audiovisual content and text. After all, they describe emotions, moods and … what is more important than that?

But this is not all. In Launchyoo you can also add GIFs to comments and nested comments (replies to comments). To do this, simply press the button with the “plus” sign to the left of the text area dedicated to the comment. You will directly access the GIF selection and you will be able to incorporate it, with or without additional text.

Comments EN

GIFs are a wonderful tool. They allow you to share an opinion, a state of mind, in a fun and straightforward way. Launchyoo seeks to be a space to share those things in a genuine way, so … let’s gif!


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