B2B and B2C Within Launchyoo

Launchyoo is an international digital space, a modern and innovative social network with a clear call for transparency and sustainability, with new functions, an alternative way of living the world of social networking. The available options for B2B, B2C and networking are an easy-to-use alternative to expand and diversify the digital professional footprint.

The Launchyoo community is growing. The “Launchers” number in the thousands, and are present especially in Spain and South America.


A social network is a space for exchange, for the presence of people who seek to share information and experiences, and that allows to know more about what is of interest. It is a unique opportunity for companies and professionals and the large social networks know this and exploit it perfectly.

But beyond the possibility of including Ads on the platform (click HERE to find out more), Launchyoo offers a series of new features that take the possibilities of spreading the message itself a step further. Attention to Launchyoo as an “open” social network, a concept that we explain at the end.

The presence, in a stable plant, of a company or professional in a social network is essential nowadays. It is becoming more and more necessary to “be where the people are”, interact with current and potential clients, present one’s products or services in an interactive way, disseminate the business culture…

A company, a professional, who does not use social networks to their advantage, will find itself in an unfavourable position, disconnected from the public.

Launchyoo brings functions never seen before into the realm of social networks to promote fluid and genuine relationships within the platform. Business-to-Business or Business-to-Client relationships will be easier and more durable thanks to some of them. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur or a member of a marketing or customer service team, have a large or small business, or you are a freelancer offering services, please take note:

  • The BUSINESS-type profile. Launchyoo features four types of profiles. When a person registers, they must identify the most suitable one for the use they will make of the network. Click HERE to learn more about the different types of profiles. In today’s large social networks, where the profile is unique, there is always a certain ambiguity for professionals and companies to differentiate themselves. It is easy, for those who are large and well known, to be recognized by their name or logo, not so for the rest, and this difficulty of identification creates problems (actually even for the large ones). But in this social network, the identification of a profile with the “Business” typology makes it very clear, before the rest of users, that it is a professional profile and that, as such, it is present to consolidate a position and disseminate the benefits of products or services. Thus, the ice is broken immediately, and you can move on to more specific topics.

The coexistence of different types of profiles facilitates relationships between professionals or companies with users, current or potential clients. It is something never seen before in a social network.

  • The PROFILE PAGE allows you to indicate useful and valuable information for an effective identification by any Launcher. In addition to the nickname, the profile photo and the background photo, it is possible to indicate the “real name” or identification, that can also be searched and found in the search bar by any user, greatly improving your reach. But there is more: a description, short or long as desired, in “About me”, four URLs to direct users to professional pages or profiles on other networks, and the ALBUM, a collection of photos of products, events, videos, even audios … All of this can be a very attractive showcase. Finally, your FEED allows to consult all your posts, in a chronological order, easily and comfortably.
  • The FOLLOWERS. As a BUSINESS profile, you can have FOLLOWERS, which will be any of the types of profiles. You can also FOLLOW other BUSINESS, INFLUENCER and ASSOCIATION profiles. But it will not be possible to follow a USER-type profile (the most numerous, for those who want to make mainly leisure use of the social network). Therefore, the only way to attract the attention and loyalty of them, for every professional and as stable point, is through the quality of the content, how, when and where it is shared. For all Business (and Influencer and Association) profiles alike. This is what makes the difference in this social network.

Click HERE to learn more about the types of contacts on Launchyoo.

  • GROUPS. Public, Private or Secret, are a more intimate space, separated from the main Walls, in which to converse, inform and establish lasting relationships. And, of course, CHATYOO, the private chat, will help consolidate relationships, resolve doubts and communicate directly.
  • SEPARATE WALLS. As in this social network the content is differentiated by type (short messages, photos, videos, audio files, news and, in the near future, events) and there is a Wall or feed for each of them, in addition to the MIX wall that mixes everything, it is possible, for any professional, to identify the wall or environment in which it is most advantageous to interact.
  • PERSONAL TAGS. Hashtags are part of Launchyoo like other networks, but in a much more organic way. It is possible for any user to include hashtags in posts and in comments, to go to all the post that include it or to observe the tags that are trending topics. But in addition, and this is an essential part of the operation without AI algorithms of this social network, each user creates his or her “sphere of tastes” through indication of personal tags. Therefore, there is no Artificial Intelligence that decides for people, filters and skews. It is the user him or herself who always decides and keeps personal tastes updated. If a person has indicated a personal tag that refers to a product or service that a BUSINESS profile offers and names with a hashtag in their publications, the chances of that person seeing those publications increase. It’s straightforward, genuine, and filter-free. It is the real interaction.

And last but not least, Launchyoo is an “open” platform. The posts and profiles can be shared outside and be accessible by any person, even if they are not yet registered. In the case of profiles, personal data and the Album will not be visible. Neither will be the full Feed. In the case of posts, it will not be possible for the non-registered person to interact with them. Therefore, in Launchyoo the content is susceptible to Google searches, SEO and the use of backlinks, connecting the profile itself and the posts to other web pages and platforms, enhancing the reach as it is not achievable in the rest of the large networks.

As you can see, the new possibilities that Launchyoo offers to professionals, companies and businesses are many, keeping always in mind that this is truly the first social network in which it is possible to communicate about sustainability, transparency and ethics, in an environment which finally is coherent with the message. It’s up to you to advantage of all this.

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