Asking Another Launcher for Friendship

First of all, we remind you that, in Launchyoo, there are three types of relationship between profiles. Click HERE to learn more.

If both of you are USER-type profiles, the relationship is called “FRIENDSHIP“.

If the profile that you want to add among your contacts is of the INFLUENCER, BUSINESS or ASSOCIATION type, you will be able to follow it. The profile will appear among your contacts as ‘FOLLOWING’.

If you are an INFLUENCER, BUSINESS or ASSOCIATION type profile, you will have profiles (of any of the four types) that follow you, and they will appear as ‘FOLLOWER’. As any of these three types of profiles, you will not be able to establish friendship relationship with USER-type profiles. They, definitely the most numerous, are the ones who will choose to follow you based on the quality of the content you share, and their own tastes.

It may seem complicated at first, but it is really intuitive and allows real relationships between different people, companies and entities, each with different aims when using a social network.

Your status in relation to any Launcher is visible in their profile page (more on your profile page HERE). It appears between Nickname/Real Name/Profile Type and his/her number of contacts.

Solicitar amistad a otro Launcher. La página de perfil.


If it is already one of your contacts, you can read “Following”, “Friends” or “Follower” followed by the time since your contact was confirmed.

Solicitar amistad a otro Launcher. Status influencer

In case you are both USER-type profiles and you are not contacts (Friends), you can ask for friendship through the same icon, which will now be a button. The person in question will receive your friendship request and can accept it, deny it or block you.

Add to Friends

In the event that the profile in question, which you have visited, is of the INFLUENCER, BUSINESS or ASSOCIATION type, you can follow it if you wish, by pressing the button. You will automatically appear among his or her Followers, and the profile will appear in your “Following” list.


Any of the profiles in your Contacts Menu, whether Friends, Followers or someone you follow (Following) are liable to be removed from the list at any time.