Advertisements within the Platform

At Launchyoo we have only two interests: the first is that you like this social network, you enjoy it, it grows, succeeds and we have a future together: that is true sustainability; the second, that our product and our company survive economically.

To bring the two together in the most natural way possible, we have established that the application will display Ads. The first thing we did was to make sure which is the type of Ads, in the digital environment, that causes the least nuisance. Thus, we have selected the ‘post‘ type Ads, which appear on the wall interspersed between users normal posts.

No pop-up windows, no ads that cut videos in half, no fixed areas that always show photos or videos of advertisers. Only Ad-type posts, visible from time to time while scrolling the screen vertically. In addition, you will find them in much lower quantities than what you have become accustomed to, by force: a huge amount. The goal is not to distort the browsing experience, not to disturb you, but at the same time to give us the opportunity to obtain the necessary benefits from activities to keep going.