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Launchyoo is an international digital space, a modern and innovative social network with a clear call for transparency and sustainability, with new functions, an alternative way of living the world of social networking. The available options for B2B, B2C and networking are an easy-to-use alternative to expand and diversify the digital professional footprint.

The Launchyoo community is growing. The “Launchers” number in the thousands, and are present especially in Spain and South America.


A social network is a space for exchange, for the presence of people who seek to share information and experiences, and that allows to know more about what is of interest. It is a unique opportunity for companies and professionals and the large social networks know this and exploit it perfectly.

But beyond the possibility of including Ads on the platform (click HERE to find out more), Launchyoo offers a series of new features that take the possibilities of spreading the message itself a step further. Attention to Launchyoo as an “open” social network, a concept that we explain at the end.

The presence, in a stable plant, of a company or professional in a social network is essential nowadays. It is becoming more and more necessary to “be where the people are”, interact with current and potential clients, present one’s products or services in an interactive way, disseminate the business culture…

A company, a professional, who does not use social networks to their advantage, will find itself in an unfavourable position, disconnected from the public.

Launchyoo brings functions never seen before into the realm of social networks to promote fluid and genuine relationships within the platform. Business-to-Business or Business-to-Client relationships will be easier and more durable thanks to some of them. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur or a member of a marketing or customer service team, have a large or small business, or you are a freelancer offering services, please take note:

  • The BUSINESS-type profile. Launchyoo features four types of profiles. When a person registers, they must identify the most suitable one for the use they will make of the network. Click HERE to learn more about the different types of profiles. In today’s large social networks, where the profile is unique, there is always a certain ambiguity for professionals and companies to differentiate themselves. It is easy, for those who are large and well known, to be recognized by their name or logo, not so for the rest, and this difficulty of identification creates problems (actually even for the large ones). But in this social network, the identification of a profile with the “Business” typology makes it very clear, before the rest of users, that it is a professional profile and that, as such, it is present to consolidate a position and disseminate the benefits of products or services. Thus, the ice is broken immediately, and you can move on to more specific topics.

The coexistence of different types of profiles facilitates relationships between professionals or companies with users, current or potential clients. It is something never seen before in a social network.

  • The PROFILE PAGE allows you to indicate useful and valuable information for an effective identification by any Launcher. In addition to the nickname, the profile photo and the background photo, it is possible to indicate the “real name” or identification, that can also be searched and found in the search bar by any user, greatly improving your reach. But there is more: a description, short or long as desired, in “About me”, four URLs to direct users to professional pages or profiles on other networks, and the ALBUM, a collection of photos of products, events, videos, even audios … All of this can be a very attractive showcase. Finally, your FEED allows to consult all your posts, in a chronological order, easily and comfortably.
  • The FOLLOWERS. As a BUSINESS profile, you can have FOLLOWERS, which will be any of the types of profiles. You can also FOLLOW other BUSINESS, INFLUENCER and ASSOCIATION profiles. But it will not be possible to follow a USER-type profile (the most numerous, for those who want to make mainly leisure use of the social network). Therefore, the only way to attract the attention and loyalty of them, for every professional and as stable point, is through the quality of the content, how, when and where it is shared. For all Business (and Influencer and Association) profiles alike. This is what makes the difference in this social network.

Click HERE to learn more about the types of contacts on Launchyoo.

  • GROUPS. Public, Private or Secret, are a more intimate space, separated from the main Walls, in which to converse, inform and establish lasting relationships. And, of course, CHATYOO, the private chat, will help consolidate relationships, resolve doubts and communicate directly.
  • SEPARATE WALLS. As in this social network the content is differentiated by type (short messages, photos, videos, audio files, news and, in the near future, events) and there is a Wall or feed for each of them, in addition to the MIX wall that mixes everything, it is possible, for any professional, to identify the wall or environment in which it is most advantageous to interact.
  • PERSONAL TAGS. Hashtags are part of Launchyoo like other networks, but in a much more organic way. It is possible for any user to include hashtags in posts and in comments, to go to all the post that include it or to observe the tags that are trending topics. But in addition, and this is an essential part of the operation without AI algorithms of this social network, each user creates his or her “sphere of tastes” through indication of personal tags. Therefore, there is no Artificial Intelligence that decides for people, filters and skews. It is the user him or herself who always decides and keeps personal tastes updated. If a person has indicated a personal tag that refers to a product or service that a BUSINESS profile offers and names with a hashtag in their publications, the chances of that person seeing those publications increase. It’s straightforward, genuine, and filter-free. It is the real interaction.

And last but not least, Launchyoo is an “open” platform. The posts and profiles can be shared outside and be accessible by any person, even if they are not yet registered. In the case of profiles, personal data and the Album will not be visible. Neither will be the full Feed. In the case of posts, it will not be possible for the non-registered person to interact with them. Therefore, in Launchyoo the content is susceptible to Google searches, SEO and the use of backlinks, connecting the profile itself and the posts to other web pages and platforms, enhancing the reach as it is not achievable in the rest of the large networks.

As you can see, the new possibilities that Launchyoo offers to professionals, companies and businesses are many, keeping always in mind that this is truly the first social network in which it is possible to communicate about sustainability, transparency and ethics, in an environment which finally is coherent with the message. It’s up to you to advantage of all this.

For any questions, you can write us at

For questions or needs related to the publication of advertisements, contact us at

And if you want to get in touch with the project coordinators, write to

The possibility of advertising on Launchyoo exists for all users, in fact this is the only necessary requirement: to have a profile in the application. The Launchyoo Advertising Terms and Conditions describe all the conditions to be able to advertise with us. From a content point of view, it must be an advertisement of a professional nature: we do not accept the creation of advertisements to, for example, congratulate a friend’s birthday or any other personal motivation. Therefore, they are reserved spaces to give visibility to a product or a service, offered by a company or a professional. A special type of consented Ads are those that seek to give higher visibility to a profile on the platform, as long as it is of the “Influencer“, “Business” or “Association” type.

Launchyoo proposes two types of campaigns, CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per 1000 Views), with variable unit costs depending on the total budget and with different priorities available. To know all the information, we invite you to visit the ADS website on Launchyoo. We offer the possibility of exploring a new, growing market, inherently respectful of the very rules on which it is founded, and at truly competitive costs.

Promo ADS English

The publication of an Ad on Launchyoo is done by the platform’s advertiser support. For this, we will need an image, video or audio file, with certain characteristics:

  • The image file must have a minimum side resolution of 1200 pixels.
  • The video or audio file must be less than 60 seconds long.

In addition, we will need you to provide us with the nickname of the profile, which we will verify, a short text that accompanies the Ad, of a maximum of 150 characters, and a URL to which to redirect the public. With all this information, which is to be sent to and the confirmation of payment from our e-commerce platform accessible from the same ADS website, with a security and trust seal (Stripe and PayPal), we will proceed to publish the Ad, which will be present until the budget is exhausted based on the type of campaign and priority.

Age, gender and geography biases are possible. Send us this information along with what is indicated above.

The Ad will appear as if it were any other post, with the only difference associated with the fact that the text “ADVERTISING” will accompany the advertiser’s profile photo and nickname.

We want to distinguish ourselves by the treatment given to our clients, human and personal. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Finally, keep in mind the nature of this social network, ethical, transparent, responsible, when identifying ourselves as a potential platform for the expansion of your product. Furthermore, remember the minimum age of 16 years old. For all these reasons, regarding certain types of Ads and certain types of content, we reserve the right to reject them without any final charge, if we identify the problem before the launch of the campaign. Again, you have all the information in the Advertising Terms and Conditions on the platform.

Although it is advisable that a BUSINESS type profile has been created on the platform (click HERE to find out more about this profile), in which to support the advertising campaigns, this is not essential. Any type of profile can have an Ad campaign associated with it. The only necessity, as we have already said, is that the advertiser must have a profile created on Launchyoo, and the advertisement must be professional in nature.

Launchyoo allows the choice of one type of profile out of four available, during the registration process. We are the first social network in which this is possible, so that each of us can choose the type of profile that best suits the use that will be made of the network. We are interested in creating a heterogeneous, varied environment, where it is also clearer what each one is looking for.

Business EN

This is especially true in the case of the BUSINESS profile. Just as a person who chooses the USER profile does so because he or she seeks to have a fun, light use of the social network, talking with friends and family, following Influencers, keeping up with news and blogs, the BUSINESS profile is more pragmatic.

We have created it to give companies, large and small, businesses, or professionals, the opportunity to create a stable position in our social network and to show their natural intention to find new clients and followers, create networking, offer their products or services.

The rest of Launchyoo users are aware of this differentiation and will act accordingly. This is the strength of the existence of differentiated profiles.

If you want to know more about the types of profiles, you can visit our brief explanation about it HERE.

The type of profile is shown to the rest of the users in various positions so, like BUSINESS, it will be clear to the rest that this is yours. It will in fact be clearly visible both on your profile page and in your posts.


As a BUSINESS, your interaction with the rest of the profiles is as follows:

  • You can be followed by all types of profiles. It will be through the quality of your content and your services, and the correct use of hashtags, that you will be able to grow in the number of followers on Launchyoo.
  • You can follow BUSINESS, INFLUENCER and ASSOCIATION profiles, establishing a relationship with them. It is not possible to follow USER-type profiles, they are the ones who follow you and do so due to your content and their tastes. In this way, we avoid unreliable methods of increasing the footprint in the social network, which are based on following to be followed or on aggressive contact strategies. Here, the base is the same for everyone. Launchyoo rewards the quality of what is shared.

When you share content in the Walls, it will be more likely to be seen by those who follow you and those you follow, and by people with an affinity for the hashtags you write (see the information on Personal Tags). If RE-POSTs of your post are made, all the merit through interactions (Like/Love, Yes/No or Star rating, Launchyoo introduces this novelty) will go to you, the creator of the content.

And one important thing. In Launchyoo, interactions to posts are counted and displayed.

There are a series of options, available for all profiles, which can be very useful for a BUSINESS-type profile:

  • Indication of 4 URLs in the profile page, to redirect users, with a single click, to your professional, company, product page …
  • The ALBUM. In which you can create your own style and show images, audio files and videos about different products and services. When accessed, the post to which they belong will open.
  • Creation of Groups. Public, Private or Secret. To promote an event and attract people, to negotiate with stakeholders within the platform, to show products or services in a private environment away from the Walls, etc.
  • Separate walls allow to increase the presence, have more specific weight, in the wall of choice in which you want to share more content. In this regard, the Audio&Podcasts wall offers a totally new space. The rest of the walls are Pics, Videos, MiniMes (short messages), Blog&News and the MIX Wall, which mixes everything. You should identify the most visited walls by your potential targets. The Events wall will soon arrive with interesting and very useful features, such as the sale of tickets on the platform.

Launchyoo, due to its variety in so many aspects, positions itself as a new generation platform which combines options so far only seen, a few at a time, in the rest of social networks. The BUSINESS type profile is one of the most important of these.

In addition, this platform offers the possibility of introducing sponsored posts, as advertisements, which will be visible by other users. This allows consolidating one’s own position within the social network and increasing the number of impacts, as happens in the rest of the networks.

More information about this HERE.

You can contact us for any need or question:

Launchyoo presents functions and modes of use that will be familiar to you, but also new features that you must know to be able to take full advantage of, with the aim of improving your own visibility and digital reach.

Here we leave you a series of suggestions to achieve it, with professional profiles in mind: INFLUENCER, BUSINESS and ASSOCIATION.

  • Remember that professional profiles cannot follow USER-type profiles. Dynamics of “I follow you if you follow me” are thus avoided, which favor those who have a long time to spend or who take it very seriously to follow people and then be followed. Here is the content, its quality, the only thing that counts and it is like that for everyone. More on the types of contacts between profiles HERE.

  • Hashtags have an organic importance here, greater than on other social networks. Because on Launchyoo, users indicate their likes through personal tags. If a post of yours contains one of those personal tags, that person is more likely to see it. It is interesting, therefore, that you suggest in your publications, from time to time, that those who see it incorporate the tags that you use the most among their own personal tags.

  • Similarly, your goal should be for your followers to set you as a hot contact. Thus, you multiply the options that they see the content you publish. At Launchyoo, it is the person who decides how much he or she wants to see from each of their contacts based on personal tastes and interests, and not an algorithm. More on contact temperature HERE.

  • The importance of the Re-Post is also very great. As posts are displayed in chronological order, they lose visibility over time, go “down” in Walls or feeds. If a user Re-Posts, he or she returns the publication to the top of his/her feed and that of all those who see it. It will regain relevance and will expand to those contacts of the person who has made Re-Post that will see it. Messages spread because people want it! And not least, any interaction with the Re-Post is in addition to those of the original post, so that the creator of the content takes the credit.

  • Take advantage of the Walls wisely. Each attracts users based on the type of content present and on the browsing experience. Determine which Wall is the one where most of the people you want to communicate with are grouped and create posts that will go there. In the same way, modify the message depending on which Wall you are going to go to.

  • In general, Audio has very little place in “generic” social networks (in which it is possible to share all kinds of files). But Launchyoo has its specific Wall at your complete disposal for your podcasts or your audio communications. It is an important novelty.

  • Your profile page is the center of your activity within the platform. It is not a mere space of passage as is usually the case in the rest of social networks, it is a place where users come to find out better about you. Take care of the aesthetics of the photos, write a good description, take advantage of the links to external URLs and take good care of your Album.

  • Yes indeed, your Album is the “anti-stories”. As the content that is shared on the Walls loses relevance over time and is naturally ephemeral due to its publication in chronological order, whatever you share that most identifies you or that you like most you can take to your Album. Anyone who will visit your profile page will be able to access it and enjoy its content, permanently hosted, the photos, audios or videos present there, and the publications in which you incorporated them. It should be a collection of the best events, products, services…

  • Advanced interaction allows you to get specific feedback from whoever interacts with your publication. Like/Love, Yes/No, and Star Rating serve a variety of purposes and can provide you with important information.

  • Remember, Launchyoo is an “open” social network, which allows growth both inside and outside the platform in a way that no other achieves and that allows the unregistered to enjoy the content. Insert links to your external pages in your publications, share your posts outside of Launchyoo and also share your profile page (very important) in other networks, on your blog or on your professional or corporate page. Use SEO techniques and use keywords… search engines detect activity related to your publications and indexing will be improved.

Growth EN

  • Walls, three types of Groups (public, private and secret) and private chat ‘Chatyoo‘. All communication layers are covered, take advantage of them according to your needs.

  • Advertise on the platform. The option to sponsor a publication and thus increase its reach, at comparatively low costs, is available. All the information at


Grow in and with Launchyoo.


Opening a “BUSINESS” type profile on Launchyoo can generate many benefits: it can improve your visibility, create community and engagement, facilitate more fluid and direct communication with your clients and contacts, bring traffic to your website, improve SEO (in this social network as in no other), help sales and, of course, increase the trust placed in your brand, its presence and recognition.

The fact is that social networks allow companies to be given greater visibility, “being where people are” is the phrase that is usually used. But increased exposure can also have negative aspects and a strategy needs to be developed to minimize them. There is often talk of “having to put out fires” because of inappropriate comments or out of place posts.

In order to establish a positive and useful dynamics for your professional profile on Launchyoo, it is necessary to manage it correctly so that your intention to increase online reputation and reach is effective.

If you arrive to this article without knowing the fundamental aspects of Launchyoo yet, you will find links in the text that lead to the description of the most relevant ones.

There are a series of previous steps to carry out before creating the profile or, at least, before starting to operate with it:

  • Set (realistic) goals. Your wish could be to find new clients, show your products or services, contact other professionals, or many others or a mix of some. There are also specific objectives (such as the market launch of a new product and the desire to make it well known) or long-term, strategic, such as creating engagement or improving trust in your brand through parameters that you monitor. Be that as it may, it is important to sit calmly, think about it and set the objectives well.

  • Create a style guide. Through an aesthetic that characterizes you and that is consistent with your brand and its personality. Take great care of your profile page, its photos, your description and the available URLs, because it is the epicenter of your activity within Launchyoo, and take great care of your Album, which should show the best you can offer. Take care of your publications in the same way, so that they are again consistent with your brand and what you are looking for. In that sense, make good use of the Separate Walls, to personalize the posts based on the Wall you want to reach.

  • Create a posting calendar. Even if you publish in a relatively random fashion, based on what you observe to be happening and how users respond, it is important to have an initial outline and respect it. Increasing relevance in social networks means being systematic and always present. There is no escape from this.

  • Observe the competition and compare yourself frequently with them. What do they do well? What are they doing wrong? In particular, look at competitors with profiles or brands similar to your own to understand where you can improve and what you should avoid. Always, of course, respecting your own personality and brand.

  • Prepare an FAQ document. It is likely that many of the doubts that will come to you are questions that are repeated. In order to facilitate your work and be more efficient, it may be a good idea to collect them in a document that you make use of when needed, be it responding to questions in the Walls, in Groups or in the private chat Chatyoo.

Success of a professional profile on Launchyoo is a matter of preparation and anticipation. This is the case in any social network but, moreover, as on Launchyoo the quality of the content is much more important (Business profiles cannot follow User profiles) and the relationships are genuine and based on people’s tastes (Personal Tags and Contacts Temperature), putting all this into practice is based on the good use that you will make of the content you share and on the active search for genuine relationships, and not on the typical massive campaigns, on “I follow you if you follow me “, on the unconditional search for the largest possible number of” Likes “or on trying to satisfy an algorithm so that it displays your content to more people…

Once inside the platform, you will maximize your benefits by following a series of guidelines.

Remember, creating a BUSINESS type profile is simple, the choice is made on the registration page itself.

Registro EN

Once inside the platform:

  • Use the DESKTOP and APP versions as you see fit. The Desktop version allows using the platform on a computer and the creation of content in a faster and easier way. The App version allows you to consult the Launchyoo wherever you are and to have a user experience identical to that of the end user. Even when you consistently use the Desktop version, it is important to review how the content you publish looks like in the App version.

  • Choose your profile and background photos well, write your description (“About me”) using keywords, being very clear and direct in what you offer, choose your “real name” or denomination carefully, as it will be possible to search for you also by this and not just through your nickname. It will improve the ease with which other users can find you if they are looking for professionals of a certain type.

  • Positioning is important. You define it through the content you share, how, to which Walls and when. In addition, as Launchyoo is an “open” social network, where your content, as well as your profile page, are visible by unregistered people if you share them outside the platform. And what’s more, search engines such as Google detect the activity, so your indexing will improve. Using SEO, backlinks and professional techniques to increase web relevance will pay off both on and off Launchyoo. In that we are special.

Growth EN

  • Presentation and image. We cannot get tired of repeating it. The visual effect generated by your publications and your profile is very relevant when other users form their opinion about your profile or the profile you manage. It is important in any case to know that not everyone can like you. The important thing is to try to like to whoever you want to like! HERE you have some more information about the standard dimensions of profile photos and files that can be shared, so that your aesthetics are impeccable.

  • Communicate. If you don’t share content, post and interact, no one is going to know that you exist and you are not going to grow in relevance. The reason why you are on Launchyoo and have created  or are thinking about creating a Business profile is because you as a professional, as a business owner or as a community manager or network manager of a company, want to have a stable presence so that your profile and the brand are recognized. That will require an active role: publish content on a regular basis, make sure to attract attention to increase visits on your profile page, interact with other users’ posts with comments, responses to comments and with direct interaction (Like/Love, Yes/No or Star Rate, whichever the case). Users check who has interacted with their posts and finding you on those lists will be very positive for your visibility.

  • Content. The goal here is not to “like” an AI algorithm so that it decides to show you to more users. The goal is to like the people themselves! Through the quality of your content, which means many things, users will decide to follow you, they will decide to incorporate among their Personal Tags some of the hashtags you most use, will select you as a hot contact or will Re-Post your content. All this will guarantee that your visibility increases.

  • Some patience. The important thing is not to obtain immediate results. Even more so when Launchyoo is an obviously small social network compared to the huge ones that we all know. The natural tendency in our times is to give excessive value to the number of Likes, the number of impacts, above anything else, but that is a mistake that must be overcome. Building stable and lasting relationships, in an environment much more “serene” and devoid of deafening noise, where quality rewards and communication is not filtered by algorithms, is what you will find when operating on Launchyoo. Growing is surely a slower process, its fruits are less in number but they are much tastier.