Privacy and Safety

The texts, images, audio files and videos that you upload to Launchyoo in the posts you share are not directly downloadable from the mobile application. The audio files are not in the web version either. The option of generating images by copying the screen (“screenshot”) or using specialized applications to download content in the cloud, typically videos, are external methods and are beyond our control.

The information you have shared on Launchyoo is available and can be manipulated through the editing or deletion of the posts, from your user profile and the actions available there.

The same thing happens with the information available in your profile page, which you have filled in yourself and that only you can modify or delete as you desire.

There are three exceptions to this rule:

  • That you ask us to delete your profile. In this case, we will proceed to delete it with all the data.
  • That you request us to modify the profile to solve a problem or need. In that case, with your prior authorization and if it is technically possible, we will proceed to carry out the action that could involve changes in the data associated with your profile and your posts.
  • That, by legal obligation, we are required to provide data to relevant authorities.

In our Privacy Policy we describe a legal right to data protection for all internet users. It is the right to PORTABILITY of data, complementary to the right to ACCESS (access to personal data) and which allows all the data collected in Launchyoo to be obtained in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

Therefore, if you wish, you can make use of this right as a user, by writing to us at, and we will be happy to answer your request.

Your information, your data, are the most precious thing for us. It is the treasure that we keep locked up, and respect towards them, towards you as a user and towards your experience when using the application, is what differentiates us the most from the rest of social networks.

Launchyoo requires you to be 16 or older to create a profile, and this needs to be confirmed during the registration process, but it might not be a sufficient deterrent.

If your son or daughter, below this age, uses Launchyoo and you are aware of it, it is up to you how to act. If you do not authorize this use, the first step is to uninstall the application from the device. But if that is not enough, you can contact us to request the removal of your child’s user profile. We will ask you for additional information to authenticate you as a parent or legal guardian, then we will proceed.

If, on the contrary, you accept the use of the platform by a minor, you must be aware that they will be exposed to information and image, video or audio files with potential content for adults. Logically, we are not talking here about explicit sex or extremely violent content, for example, which are not allowed, but we are talking about content that, in some cases, could have a tone not suitable for minors. Therefore, we invite you, together with your child, to choose the contacts and profiles they follow, the groups they are part of and also their personal tags, with which they define their tastes. These are the most important tools when it comes to having control over what will be displayed in the application.

It is up to your freedom and your discretion as a parent/guardian to decide what is best for your children. We are here to help you if you have any questions:

We ask you to carefully read our Privacy Policy. We make it clear there, with full transparency, what data we collect from users and for what purposes. But beyond this legal document, we want to make two concepts very clear:

  • From Launchyoo we will never, ever sell users’ data to third parties for profit or for any other purpose linked to our own advantage. We will not do it because it is not in our nature and because we are firm believers in a transparent and sustainable business model. It is OK that you might question our intention given the circumstances and how the large social networks have operated and do operate, but we work day after day to earn your trust.

We want to distance ourselves, in any case, from data theft. The theft of information from our database is a highly unlikely event, but not impossible. This event, if occurring, will be absolutely beyond our wishes and will be reported to the authorities immediately.

  • Advertisers on our platform will not have access to users’ data. When it comes to displaying Ads to a target audience, Launchyoo stands between the advertiser and the audience. That is, advertisers may eventually indicate a type of desired profile by demographic, age or other characteristics. Launchyoo will collect this request and will prepare the delivery of the advertisement on the platform in a manner consistent with these requirements, but without precise indications of any user data addressed to the advertiser.

Launchyoo will provide the advertiser with data about the progression and results of the advertising campaign, so that it can monitor its evolution and draw conclusions. It will be data of a purely statistical nature, without direct relationship with the individual data of the users.

Welcome to Launchyoo, the social network you deserve.

If you want to delete your account, you just have to do it through an indication within the platform in the “Help and Support” section, in the App Menu. Click HERE to see the options on this page. The elimination request should accompany the “Call for assistance” marking.

Alternatively, you can write us a message at You must indicate in the message your nickname and registration email address to confirm your desire to unsubscribe (snif…)

Once we have received this information, we will proceed to remove your profile and account and delete all your files and all your posts, comments and interactions from our databases. It will be as if you’d never existed in Launchyoo, which brings pain to our hearts.

The process can take up to two weeks due to the progressive erasure of data on the servers. We will notify you when it is complete.

As much as it is sad for us to see any of our users leave, if it is your wish, we will appreciate very much if you let us know what you did not like, why are you leaving, so that you can give us an opportunity to improve… and see you back.

We live in the age of the internet, immersed in the cloud, surrounded by computers and connected devices, data, passwords … We are used to being cautious in our actions because we know that there are and will always be malicious people waiting for errors, omissions or naivety on our side. We want Launchyoo to be a secure platform and allow you to navigate serenely. We work for it day by day, but we need you to do your part by following a series of guidelines that you surely know very well:

  • Never share your password with other people.
  • If a suspicious user or profile pretends to be a member of the Launchyoo team and, in order to support you, asks for critical profile data without you having contacted us first, do not reply and notify us immediately.
  • If you see strange behaviour from a user you know, try talking to him/her by means other than Launchyoo to check if everything is okay. If his or her profile has been usurped, let us know. We will try to contact this person by all means at our disposal.
  • If you become aware of users or groups that carry out illegal activities, we urge you to suspend any contact with them and to notify us. From Launchyoo, we will contact the relevant authorities.
  • The damages that you can suffer by using Launchyoo in a non-responsible way are mainly digital, to your profile or your device. However, sharing private data such as your residence or where you are is your right but also your responsibility. Do not share private data that facilitates your location by people who may seek to coerce you or do you any type of harm.

We cannot be held liable for any damages or injuries you may suffer while or due to using Launchyoo, but we are here to help and advise you so that they don’t happen in the first place.

At Launchyoo we want to provide you a serene browsing experience. We give you control of what you see, we minimize the number of ads, we put the emphasis on content and its quality. In addition, the entire application, both in APP and web version (https) is architected with data security in mind.

But it also depends on you, it is in your hands. First, make sure you use a sufficiently complex password. We do not enforce a minimum number of characters or the use of special characters, often annoying ties. Therefore, it will be up to you to decide what level of complexity you consider appropriate.

When you log in, you will be asked for your password and registration email instead of your nickname. Your nickname is known to everyone, your registration email is definitely not.

When you register and before you can access Launchyoo for the first time, an email will be sent to the address you have indicated. It is an activation email, two-step authentication so that only you can complete the process and move on.

Logically, we invite you not to provide your account login data to anyone, inside the platform or outside. We will never contact you to ask for your profile information, which could allow us to identify you, within the platform. We will always do this through our official emails, in particular It is to this email that you should write if your account has been hacked, and we will immediately contact you and resolve the situation. We invite you to contact us if you think a friend’s account has been compromised. Ideally, check with this person first that there is indeed a problem.

Always log out of Launchyoo when using a public device or someone else’s, other than your own.

Be always careful with malicious software, which can cause damage to your computer or mobile phone and, among other things, access the registration and login data of your different programs.

Make sure that access to your mobile phone is restricted by password, PIN, fingerprint, facial image (it is less secure) or pattern. Otherwise, anyone who got hold of your mobile device could have access to your applications.

Do not click on suspicious links, as they could contain malware or viruses.

If you have any question or issue, contact us through the Help and Support option in the application, or by email, and we will always be happy to help you.

On Launchyoo, this matter is quite straightforward. Direct. There are not dozens of privacy options that act on as many settings, with which it is decided who will see what, the data that the application will use to define the tastes of the users through the Artificial Intelligence at operation, the characteristics of the personal profile that serve to receive the most suitable advertisements based on the profiling that has been made of us, and many other things over which we do not even have control.

First of all, and what makes us different from other social networks is that, at Launchyoo, respect for users and their data is paramount. This means they are not for sale, they will remain on the platform for as long as you desire. Guarantees? Well, apart from our legal documents, available to anyone (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy), whose terms we have built and which we strictly abide by moral and legal obligation, think of it this way: what would be the point of a new social network, born to be the alternative to the large networks, with ethics and sustainability as strong points, if it were to be discovered that it does not have either of those? What would then be its differential factor?

Launchyoo and all the effort behind it have been born from transparency and respect for the user as the center of the entire project, with the user experience and the serenity of navigation as focal points of the sustainability of which we are guarantors. And to all this we have added new functionalities and new ways of enjoying digital socialization.

When it comes to what you share on the platform, it is entirely up to you. Launchyoo is an open space by definition, and what you share can in principle be visible to everyone. It is, therefore, your choice to share it or not, with whom, through your actions.

  • Real name, age, gender, “About me”, files in your Album, all belonging to your profile page, are visible by anyone who visits it. You can decide not to indicate some or all of them.
  • Real name. It is the only item on the profile page that can be indicated and, afterwards, decided who will be able to see it, in the application Menu. The options are: everyone – friends – friends of friends – nobody.
  • Posts that you share (with text, images, photos, videos and/or audio files). It is up to you to choose if you want to share them on the Walls, potentially open to be view by any user (although the hashtags you indicate, your contacts and their temperature, as well as the post language, will naturally tend to narrow it to your environment) or on a Group to which you belong. In the latter, if the group is Public, it is accessible by any user. If it is Private or Secret, only those to whom the administrator has granted access will be able to see the content inside and in turn, publish themselves.

If you are aware that someone has violated your privacy, for example by publishing photographs of you without your consent, the first step should always be that you contact that person and try to resolve the situation. But if this is not possible or is ineffective, please report the incident to us through the flagging option of a post, or by contacting us via email We are here to help you, with a humane treatment that distinguishes us from the impersonality of the large social networks.